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Student Network for Action and Power

"What time is it on the clock of the world?"

- Grace Lee Boggs

The Student Network for Action and Power (SNAP) supports students of color and white allies on college campuses around the country to work towards a more just world. We provide emerging activists and organizers with tools to understand the current political moment, build group-centered leadership skills, support organization-building, and connect students to other like-minded people around the country.



Register for Regional Organizer Trainings in Fall 2018!

April 6 & 7

Organizing Training in North Carolina

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Do you feel like your organization does the same events every year and you want to try something new?

Would you like to learn more about leadership models and group engagement?

Are you interested in workshops where your group can talk openly about race, class, and gender?

Do you feel like it’s hard to engage students on campus around political issues?


Student activism, learning how to organize, and working in organizations aren’t easy.  We train students around the country to develop their leadership skills and strengthen their organizations. Email Helena Wong at to start the conversation today!  It’s never too early to plan for next semester!

See below to read testimonials from trainings we’ve done:

* Note: The following testimonials were for trainings done in conjunction with Seeding Change.


Ralph L. A.,

UC Berkeley

The visioning retreat has helped me to grow into and actualize myself as a leader and organizer.  I feel more guided and hopeful for the communities that we come from and represent.

Vee D.,

Middlebury College

The facilitators were amazing in helping RAISINS feel inspired, motivated and anchored to real, concrete tasks.  We feel ready to take on new challenges and continue growing!

Shaila G.,

Barnard College

I thought that the facilitators struck the perfect balance between guiding us to confront necessary topics and presenting their own opinions of how we could improve. I really enjoyed how organized the session was and how we created concrete planning templates.

Email Helena Wong at to start the conversation today!  It’s never too early to plan for next semester!






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